What Are You Prepared To Do?

Remember the 1987 movie the Untouchables? Kevin Costner played Elliot Ness, the FBI agent that brought down the notorious Chicago mob boss, Al Capone. As the story goes, everyone knows where the corruption in Chicago is, but no one wants to put themselves at risk to fight the Chicago machine. Politicians and police all know the what is happening and some even support it. Al Capone, is powerful force and his network of influence includes politicians, the police force, the mayor and more. To defeat this corruption, someone has to take a stand. Sean Connery's character is Jim Malone, a seasoned cop and one of the special recruits, the Untouchables, on Elliot Ness' team. Malone knows Chicago and he understands how the politicians and crooks work. He has observed Chicago corruption for decades, He can open the door for Ness to confront and dismantle the mob, but it not an easy path to take. Their very lives will be on the line and Ness' family will be at risk. One does not simply go after Al Capone without considering the possibility of death. A critical scene shows Ness and Malone in a church, discussing the dark realities of Ness' assignment. Malone pointedly says to Ness "What are you prepared to do?", the most quote-worthy line in the movie and a line that serves as focus point for this post.

"What are you prepared to do"? I imagine that Donald Trump thought about this same question many times after entering the political arena. He has stood against the Washington machine, main stream media, and Big Tech with only a few brave "untouchables" standing by his side. Few Republicans join him in his battle. Fox News has turned their backs.

In the last few weeks, we listened to swing states hearings. We heard from good and brave individuals, patriots, people that remind us that it is important to fight the good fight. Election volunteers with sworn affidavits put themselves on the line to speak against the machine. We also heard from frontline doctors, in two senate committee hearings, advocating for early stage outpatient treatments for Covid. These doctors and other courageous doctors are speaking against the main stream narrative regarding early stage Covid treatment, putting their careers on the line for us. People are angry, tired, and also scared. Across the country we are starting to see average citizens starting to rise up and rally, to stand against election corruption and the evil of mandated lockdowns.

And we watch history unfold via Facebook posts, Twitter, the nightly news, etc. the majority of us sit quietly in our homes and do not give much thought to the fact that we are supporting the very businesses that wish to silence us. We continue to use our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram accounts. Many of us are preparing for the holidays, baking cookies, buying presents, and also trying to escape from the outside pandemic. We do not give much thought to the fact that many of our actions have impacts in the normal day to day. We continue to shop at Amazon and other stores that support the censorship of books and information, at least non-woke books and information. We spend money in stores that support Black Lives Matter. We continue to watch Fox News because we get important information from Tucker, Hannity, and Laura. However, they work for a network that works against us. We should encourage them to end their contracts and get a new contract at an alternate media outlet.

What about us? What about you? What are you willing to do? Money talks. As average citizens, if we just stop feeding the beast or feed it less, we may tame the beast, or better, starve the beast into bankruptcy. If we take a stand, maybe others will take a stand with us when they see that they are not alone.

Now there is a fraction a percentage of a chance, by the way the same odds of a person dying from Covid, that you as a reader are part of the current machine and are reading this blog post. Maybe you are a judge, a legislator, or some other part of this Orwellian cast of characters that has a role to play in the reimagining of the United States. Maybe you got caught up in the idea of creating a worldwide utopia but are now more than a little freaked out about the nefarious doings that are actually needed to create that utopia. Maybe you an innocent person in the know, a present day Jim Malone and knows who knows where the bodies are buried, but you are afraid to come out of the darkness. Maybe you are a person who witnessed election fraud, or overheard a conversation, or stumbled into some critical information by mistake and you are afraid or think that what you do does not matter in the big picture. Or maybe you are a regular citizen, who is feeding the beast instead of attending a rally or writing to your representatives. This is your moment. This is our moment. If we are not afraid, maybe we can save lives, save the economy, and save the nation.

Domestic and foreign agents have worked to steal the election, fuel riots in the streets, and increase control of our citizenry using a virus that may very well be manufactured, to create more money and power for those who already have too much of both. You have a choice, a choice that many Germans did not have for fear of death. You can be a good German as the saying goes, or you can choose instead to be a good human and be part of the resistance.

Please, do some soul searching and decide who you want to be. Which side of history will you choose? This could be our 1776 moment, where good citizens stand together to say no to tyranny. What about me? I think that I may just decide to be an untouchable. What about you? An easy win is to stop feeding the beast. Limit your use of social media. Use an alternative search engine vs Google. Discover MeWe and Parler. Shop where patriotism prevails. Hammer your representatives with letters, emails, and phone calls. Attend a rally. Do one thing, then two, and so on. Our actions can create change. If we do not act now, there may be harder, more dangerous choices to make. Gangsters are stealing our elections and overthrowing our government. What are you prepared to do? Please fight the good fight for freedom. God bless.