What About the Children?

I have been thinking a lot about our children. What impact will Critical Race Theory have on our children? What will this next generation of children feel about skin color? How will white children feel when they are taught to blame themselves for slavery, racism, and inequality of black Americans? Will white children wish to be black to separate themselves from their evil whiteness? What type of people will the next generation of black children be when they are taught to hate their white classmates? What about the countless multi-racial children and families?

Black Lives Matter the movement does not care about black lives, but then Black Lives Matter is not really a black movement. It is a political tool, a branch of the Democratic Party. In turn the Democratic Party is part of a larger network of globalists working to reimage our planet.

What will happen to our children? When Maya Angelou was a child, she wished to be what she was not. She longed to have blue eyes and long blond hair, not eyes that were too squinty and nappy hair. The caged bird sings for freedom, but freedom is once again dictated by skin color. Our next generation of children will be the new caged birds and we their parents will be in the cage with them. The cage will hold all children, black AND white imprisoned by Critical Race Theory. Our children are being traded to create a global utopia. Machiavelli would have been proud.