This week...

Amy Comey Barrett: A SUPERSTAR! Democrats used the hearings to sell their election platform and to promote fear in the electorate. Four days of taxpayer money wasted to learn what they already knew.

Hunter Biden/Joe Biden: What is worse than Joe Biden's lies, conflict of interest, etc. ?

Big Tech Censorship.

Wolf Blitzer calls Nancy Pelosi out on the Covid Stimulus. Did CNN have a meeting a decide to return to journalism? Did Nancy Pelosi take it too far for even CNN to support her? Or, did CNN's ratings go down? There were a few instances of CNN taking an actual stance this week. What's up at CNN?

Why does President Trump keep allowing himself to be interviewed and have Town Halls with the left? Savannah Guthrie. Worse than Chris Wallace.

Why does President Trump fail to provide a concise picture of Covid? He should provide ongoing status forums headed by medical experts which clear messaging so that even a 10 year old can understand. Covid will make or break the election. Someone is dropping the ball on framing the narrative. That is what happens when you hire your own relatives. They do what you tell them to do versus take a stand. As Ben Shapiro has stated, Trump is great on branding, but not communication.

What happened to the riots? They quieted down when the debates and town halls started after months and months of violence and mayhem. This suggests that the Democrats needed to turn down the volume on the riots to keep the narrative of the "mostly peaceful" protests. Also, what ever happened to the companies that supported BLM and made public statements to that affect? I guess that supporting a rioting Marxist organization is not good for your bottom line.

W.H.O made this statement this week: "“We in the World Health Organization do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus”. Curious. Has the virus served it's purpose? In that the virus has not yet been deemed "safe", W.H.O. can at any time use this virus or a mutation to suggest future lock downs. This information was obvious seven months ago. Why did W.H.O. make this statement now? What is their purpose for doing so?

The CDC released statistics from July which indicate for the period and sampled of the study, of the people who got Covid, 70% of the people were fully compliant in wearing a mask and 15% of the people were mostly compliant in wearing a mask. This suggests that wearing a mask has little or no effect in keeping you safe from Covid. Why did this July information get released this week? The CDC is still promoting the use of masks. Therefore, what is the purpose for sharing this information?

This week Le Bron James used his wealth privilege to buy his six year old daughter a house for her birthday. Next year, they may be moving into that house when his salary tanks with his viewership.

Comedians are starting to make comments about the cancel culture. Will they take it further and make an actual stand? You would think that some of the wealthier celebrities would take one for the team and speak out against this cancel culture. Comedians are the front line in Hollywood to bear the brunt of censorship because comedy requires as it core, truth. When will Hollywood wake up from being woke?

83% of Orthodox Jews and 45% of Gay Men support Donald Trump. The 45% figure is from a few weeks ago. Amazing statistics. The Orthodox percentage is very high because most Orthodox Jews are Democrats. Maybe Trump's pro-life stance is the the reason. The Peace Accords in the Middle East may also be affecting the polls. Last, De Blasio's and Cuomo's anti-Orthodox Covid stance regarding Orthodox Jews could also be a factor. As for the 45% of Gay Men percentage that survey was an opt-in versus a random sampling. We shall see if there is consistency to these numbers as newer polling statistics are made available to us.

This is not like every other election year. When the election is over we still have Covid and we still have BLM. Can these two Democratic Socialist strategies "go away" without fully being utilized to promote the leftist agenda?

Take out your copy of 1984 and see the comparisons to today's media and political manipulation. 1984 was published in 1949 a year before George Orwell died. Amazing (and horrifying) that this is how it is unfolding. An example that 2020 is Orwell's 1984 is a change from the people at Merriam-Webster. Check out the new definition for preference in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, specifically "gender preference". Last week this was a perfectly acceptable phrase. Amy Comey Barrett used this phrase and Senator Feinstein berated her for using such as derogatory phrase. Within 24 hours, Merriam-Webster denoted "generator preference" as derogatory.