The Real Heroes

It has been nine months since we heard about the Coronavirus. There have been many heroes along the way. Hospital staff, EMTs, Police Officers, and essential workers have worked to keep our society going. I feel humbled by their contribution to our country and the world.

There are other heroes that we do not hear about. They are the people speaking out about false news, government corruption, Health Industry corruption, and Big Tech censorship. They are people like Americas Frontline Doctors, Jenny Beth Martin, Senator Scott Jensen, Dennis Prager, James O'Keefe, Mark Levin, David Horowitz, Ben Shapiro and more. They put their careers and their families on the line every day to bring us information and to share truths that we do not hear from main stream media. They are routinely censored and vilified. They receive death threats. They do not wear capes, but they are the real heroes because they give us a voice.