The Great Reset - Act II

Act II: It was made in a lab so you could get a jab.

Act II, enter Dr “call me Tony” Fauci.

Dr Tony” Fauci is the U.S. leading government medical voice for the pandemic and vaccine distribution. Fauci’s importance quickly makes him a media darling. Tony Fauci is everywhere. There are Tony Fauci coloring books, action figures, and more. The world cannot get enough of Dr. Tony Fauci. The problem with Fauci is his messaging. You can almost see the strings when his puppet arms move. With the help of the leftist media and the new bumbling and mumbling President Joe Biden, Fauci is able change his mind weekly AND also convince a nation of sheep to take the jab to reach herd immunity.

Fauci is played by a W. Sanchez an Afro-Latinx actor recently known for support of a Non-Binary America. Sanchez is also the lead vocalist for the song “We are in it together”. This is simply not to be missed!

By the end of Act II, all is well on the leftist front. However, we starting to see the beginning of Tony Fauci’s fall from grace. I will not spoil the fun. Let’s just say that the scene where Fauci and Rand Paul spar head to head is a must see. As for Black Lives Matter, they still have boots on the ground and continue to terrorize key U.S. cities. One can only guess what will happen next!

Act II Takeaway: The truth is what the media tells you it is.