The Great Reset - Act I

Act I: Rollout the Pandemic and Everything is Systemic.

A lifetime of conspiracy theories come to fruition when the global mega rich and powerful decide it is time to initiate the Great Reset.

At the beginning of Act one, a virus is released from Communist China’s Wuhan Biosafety Lab level-4. Anthony Fauci, a leading villain in this saga, uses U.S. tax payer money to fund the lab’s gain of function research.

Two months after the world locks down to flatten the curve of the virus in two weeks, a separate crisis occurs. An African American career criminal and habitual drug user, George Floyd dies while resisting arrest. This fortuitous event becomes the catalyst for world-wide protests and riots. Floyd becomes the unlikely symbol of a movement and a income stream for the Democratic Party, a party. The goal is to steal an election and transfer all power from the people to the government.

There are times in the universe when things comes together perfectly. Our Marxist social engineers must brought out the champagne when they heard George’s last words, “I can’t breathe!” With the help of left wing media, Big Tech and more, Black Lives Matter, a Marxist movement gone global, sets the world on fire, literally.

By the end of Act I, an election is lost, the pandemic continues to rage, and America is desperately holding on to its constitution. However, there appears to be hope as the first of multiple vaccines is approved for emergency use.

Act I Takeaway: Never let a crisis go to waste and when you can’t find a crisis, create one, or two, or more.