The Great Lorenzo

In 1956, Robert Heinlein published the science fiction novel Double Star. Double Star is about Lawrence Smith, a.k.a. The Great Lorenzo is an unemployed actor who is hired to impersonate John Joseph Bonforte, a prominent politician who has been kidnapped by a political opponent. Bonforte is the leader of the Expansionist coalition. It is critical that the Expansionist coalition win in the upcoming election, so Bonforte’s team hires Smith to temporarily impersonate Bonforte, until he can be rescued.

John Joseph Bonforte is more than just a leader. He is a truly great man, an outstanding orator, a man of intelligence, influence and integrity. By contrast, Lawrence Smith an empty vessel, an ego without a purpose. Smith is not considered an accomplished actor in terms of wealth or notoriety, but he is a talented actor and a great study. Also, he resembles the great man. With support and coaching from Bonforte’s team, Smith quickly and effectively transitions to his new role. Impersonation is much more complex a task than a stage performance. In addition to delivering speeches, Smith much interact with people that have previously met Bonforte, including the Emperor! With only minor mishaps, Smith is able to effectively pull off the charade and eventually win the election for the Expansionist coalition.

John Joseph Bonforte is rescued before the election, but the kidnapping takes a toll on Bonforte. Bonforte does get to hear The Great Lorenzo’s election night speech before he passes away. Bonforte’s conversation with Smith’s after the speech is the “pass the baton” moment in the story. With a galaxy that needs a John Joseph Bonforte, Lawrence Smith simply chooses to become the great man. The act of impersonating Bonforte and living as Bonforte is transformative. Lawrence Smith is no longer. He is now the great man.

Over the last 3+ years, Donald Trump has transformed into a conservative president. He has become more than his former self. As a businessman and reality TV star he had multiple accomplishments under his belt when he took office. As a one of the rich and famous he made friends or at least acquaintances with people on both sides of the political aisle. Donald Trump the businessman was a man that worked within the system and knew how to navigate that system to his best advantage. Some would call him creative. The Left have other descriptors. Regardless of the words you use to describe him, Donald Trump is definitely a man who gets what he wants. He plays by the rules, but be careful about any loopholes!

In 2016, it would be easy to say that Donald Trump was not a conservative, at least not a traditional one. Trump was largely popular because he was not part of the Washington swamp. Even better, he stood up to this Washington establishment, both the left AND the right. After eight years of Obama apologizing for America and dividing Americans, he was a breath of fresh air, a big, outrageous orange breath of fresh air.

In the last 3+ years, Donald Trump has governed as a conservative. He has put us back on the path to the Constitution and the economy has flourished. Maybe Donald Trump was this person the entire time and I did not see it or want to see it, or maybe Donald Trump impersonated a conservative president and in the process was transformed. In the end does it really matter? We need a conservative leader now, more than ever. How about we give him another four years? There is a galaxy that needs saving!