Something is Wrong

If you think back on last year and your belief system, did you really think that the WHOLE system needed to be dismantled? Did you really think we were all racists? Last years, would you have agreed to DEFUND the police? Would you have been okay with an armed group taking over six city blocks in Seattle? Would you let any other group do this? Something is wrong, terribly wrong.

Many of you know that something is not quite right, but maybe you do not want to be called a racist. Maybe you do not want to lose your job or customers. Some of you have huge hearts and you want to fight racism. The world needs more people like this who have great integrity and conviction. And, there are those of you that want to live your life peacefully and do not want your social media cluttered with all of this political stuff. I get that too.

For those of you that have been victims of racism, I do know that racism exists.

My family and our ancestors represent people of many continents, cultures, and colors, religions, and sexual orientation. There are no African Americans in my family, so I cannot provide you with the black perspective of racism. However, my family does know other colors and versions of racism and discrimination. Many people do not think of racism beyond the black vs white of it. They would be wrong. So, when I hear that everything is black vs white, I am here to tell you that things are more complex. Racism is an easy answer and blame is a cop out strategy. With blame there is no individual ownership.

I have lived enough years in enough places and talked to enough people to know that the majority of people are good, the majority of police are our heroes, and the majority of people are NOT racists. Until recently, I believed that most Americans loved our country and would fight for its ideals, but I am not sure about that anymore. Those of you that have taken the time to read it, understand that the ideals of the Declaration of Independence stand for something unique and noble and provide us with a sound foundation for our country, even though by the standards of today, our founders did not represent 100% of who we aspire to be. Did George Floyd die because of the Declaration of Independence or do many more African Americans thrive because of it? Does any other government have a document to rival this document as the basis for their government?

I believe that the media and their handlers have magnified and sensationalized the stories of police brutality and white on black crimes. Our media is no longer a functioning “fourth estate”. Instead they are news “vendors”, soliciting viewers with provocative stories and pushing political agendas. Throughout this Black Lives Matter movement, the media has painted the black community as victims and the police and white community as villains. I have no doubt that every single day there are amazing and heroic stories of law enforcement which are truer representations than what you will hear on the evening news. However, this type of news does not bring in the big bucks or fundamentally transform America.

There are billions are dollars going into Black Lives Matter. Do you know the political ideologies of this movement? Do you know where the money is spent? Do you know what other political and financial networks BLM is connected to? Please educate yourself before you support something blindly. Perhaps the BLM movement and ideologies are not so pure.

For those of you that agree with ALL that BLM stands for, not part of what BLM stands for, for those of you that agree with their leaders’ ideologies, I do not have a problem with differences in ideology. I have a problem with violence and destruction. I have a problem with “armed occupation”. I am shocked that we do not have a say in what happens with our tax dollars, our law enforcement, our cities, our government, etc... As a citizen, isn’t it your right to be able to weigh in on these matters?

Please think hard if what you support today is what you would have supported last year. Replace the word “black” with “white” and you would be called a racist because there is only one kind of racism allowed by BLM.

Something is wrong. Black lives DO matter, but the organization Black Lives Matter is more than it appears to be. BLM is the “something” that is not okay, and you are NOT a racist if you disagree with Black Lives Matters. But you already knew that, did't you? Just don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

It is improbable that all people will agree on any given topic that governs us. What does matter is that we each have a voice. We all SHOULD matter. We all DO matter.

Thank you for reading my perspective. May we agree to peacefully disagree.