Road to the Other Side

The wheels are set in motion.

Federal troops have been bequeathed.

Textbooks repurposed.

Thugs on the street.

They grabbed our founding documents.

and set America is on fire.

Marxists rise from the ashes.

A vaccine to survive.

We acquiesce to their lockdowns.

We create sacrificial offerings.

Our communication is doublespeak.

Holding on to possessions. We are fueled by greed.

People push away our warnings.

They are victims of their fears.

They believe they can trust.

The media's fake tears.

What will be the outcome?

How many will survive?

Antibody dependent enhancement.

How long will the truth hide?

I pray we find our voices.

To stop the great divide.

Our government’s best intentions,

To keep the planet alive.

A great reset in motion.

A plan built on many lies.

How many elites will be traded

on the road to get to the other side?

We have no training.

No skills for this historic time.

Technology has made us soft.

Fighting skills have declined.

They bred us to be compliant.

They feed us hate to divide.

When you are separated, you are weak.

You have no other choice than to abide.

We must stop this evil.

We must never take a knee.

We must be willing to stand tall

to fight this tyranny.

A great reset in motion.

A plan built on many lies.

We must stop this plan

to get to the other side.