Occam’s Razor

In 2008, right before the election, the economy collapsed. This election year, 2020, we have new and different challenges. Here is a summary:

  • The Wuhan Virus: A Chinese virologist has stated that the Coronavirus is man-made and was intentionally released by the Chinese government. Did the China government manufacture the virus? Did they release the virus intentionally? What is their motive? The origins and makeup of the virus seem to be the elephant in the room that almost no one seems to be talking about.

  • Hydroxychloroquine: This drug has been in used for over 50 years. American’s Frontline Doctors, Senator Dr. Scott Jensen, and other physicians have recommended its use to treat the Coronavirus. News outlets have been quick to vilify the doctors and the drug. Donald Trump mentioned this drug earlier this year as a possible remedy and was also slammed by the media. America’s Frontline Doctors Facebook group is censored by Facebook. The group is hidden from Facebook searches.

  • State closures: Democratic governors are keeping their states from reopening. Washington State for example is currently in an “indefinite pause” status even though they have flattened the curve months ago. Washington State has more than sufficient PPE, hospital rooms, etc. to manage a continued reopening of the state, but Governor Inslee’s impossible metrics for reopening have not been met. Why do Governor want to keep people out of work and children out of school? Good questions that are worth asking by the media.

  • Social media: Social media is censoring conservative speech. As we get closer to the election, social media censors are stepping up their game.

  • News Outlets: Our news outlets are corrupt. Period.

  • Black Lives Matter: The BLM organization was created by three mothers in response to the Trevon Martin shooting. Since then it has grown into an international organization. The leaders are now trained Marxists pushing Marxist ideology. They want to defund the police, they consider the United States systematically racist, and they want to tear down the system. BLM has been rioting in cities across America in the many months following the death of George Floyd. Democratic mayors, governors, and key elected officials have done nothing to stop BLM and in fact have encouraged their activities. Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and more have encourage their continued protests. The Mayor of Seattle considered their protests “patriotic”. Democratic members of Congress took a knee to support the movement. American unions are flexing their muscles as well. For instance, the LA Teacher’s Union has demanded that their police department be defunded as well as other demands that have nothing to do with teaching.

  • Sports, arts, and entertainment has been corrupted and they have joined the Democrat chorus of pro-BLM support.

Is 2020 cursed?

Is it a coincidence that we have a Coronavirus AND racial unrest throughout American in the same period of time?

Is it a coincidence that Democratic leaders are keeping us masked up while encouraging and supporting protests and riots?

It may feel like 2020 is cursed. Coincidence? Unlikely.

If we apply Occam’s Razor to 2020, what do we get? Occam's Razor is an approach or theory that given all of the facts, the correct answer is probably the simpler explanation. For 2020, the simplest answer is this: Whatever happens in an election year IS about the election.

But what about other nations? All countries are experiencing the Coronavirus and many countries have BLM uprisings in the streets. If the U.S. crises are manufactured, if follows that crises around the world are also manufactured. If our crises are happening purposely because we are in a presidential election year, then other countries futures are also politically tied to the U.S. election.

If we step back to find a pattern, it looks like this. As the most influential country on the planet, we are essentially the epicenter of what appears to be a re-imagining of governments internationally. To make this happen, there is a damned good chance that the Democratic Party and influencers across the globe are in collusion with the Chinese government. We can look to the U.N., W.H.O., and CDC and their handling of the Coronavirus and see that something is very wrong. It is additionally curious to me that there is major progress towards peace in the Middle East, the like which has not been seen for decades. It could be that Donald Trump was strategic in his approach to getting these Peace Accords signed and that that was all that was needed was a business man versus a politician in the White House. It could also be that these countries see the potential writing on the wall, and they wish to strengthen themselves with current known regimes versus future re-imagined regimes or regime. It is really anyone's guess. I am not "in the know". I can only suggest theories based upon known facts and assumptions.

So, what happens next?

If Donald Trump wins, the existing Marxist BLM boots on the ground will become more violent, getting fueled with encouragement by Nancy Pelosi, her nephew Newson, and other Democrats. There is literally money to burn to continue to turn up the heat on the BLM movement. It is well funded thanks to Michael Moore and leftist Hollywood. The lockdowns will also continue. Lockdowns force people add people to the welfare system. The fear of Covid also keep the citizenry at home and under government control. It is the Democratic governors and agencies that are keeping society from reopening. News is vilifying red states as they reopen and an inaccurate view of red state progress helps to keep the citizenry home and afraid. Legalizing drugs and welfare are keeping people satiated as their freedom is skillfully dissolved.

If Biden wins, the SAME thing will likely happen. The quickest and simplest way to pass massive reforms is under the guise of social justice, or climate change. Large riots and the need for public welfare assistance will require quick sweeping legislative solutions that are likely already drafted. Large riots and the need for food and housing will create a more fearful population ready and willing to do anything to get back to any form of normal. Get ready for guaranteed income, guaranteed housing, and the reforms to lead us to a better Venezuela.

The Democrats have played all their cards, I hope. How delighted they must have been when they heard the words “I can’t breathe”! George Floyd, the perfect martyr to begin a revolution. The Democrats have NO choice. They cannot reuse these ideas in future elections. That would arouse too much suspicion. At some point, a smart mathematician will realize that the chance of these events happening in concert with presidential elections is statistically improbable if not impossible. With all their cards on the table, the Democrats must play their hand and continue along this path or take their hand and “fold 'em” which will force them start the game over again for the next presidential election.

One thing that you may be asking yourself is WHY NOW? Ironically, while the faces of the revolution are young, the puppet masters controlling this revolution are senior citizens. The Weather Underground and/or like-minded comrades from the 1960s, their prophets, students, converts, and their dark master or masters, would like to at least see the beginning of what they have worked their entire adult lives to create. They have networked themselves into our government, educational system, the Healthcare Industry, Big Tech, etc. They have money, power, and influence. Now is their time to act. They have front row seats in reimagining America. If they wait four or more years, they may be too old or too dead to enjoy it. They do not wish to miss out on the fun.

These innovators could have led us to their dystopia slowly. Instead, so that they may witness it themselves, they have laid their cards on the table. They will likely play their hand. You and I and the rest of America are minor collateral damage. This new America will have a place for all of us, at least for a while. They will still be the “haves”. However, we will be the new “have nots”. One thing is for sure, they are certainly not going to let this manufactured crisis go to waste.