No Malarkey!

Now that the election is over, well not actually over, but now that the votes are in, Joe Biden can cure the Coronavirus and that is no malarkey! The word on the street is that the Biden Plan is a 4-6 week lockdown and includes a country-wide mask mandate. It is that simple. If only we had known! We would have locked down and worn masks at the get go.

Oh wait! We DID do that!. Remember the multiple month 2 week lockdown? 4-6 weeks is enough time to create the illusion of combating an unstoppable microscopic virus. 4-6 weeks is also enough time to change the hospital protocols for tracking Covid, the Covid report systems, etc. so that the numbers appear to be lower. Currently in Minnesota, you can go to the emergency room with a broken leg and if they think you have Covid, you are added to the active Covid case count. And let us not forget that retesting the same person for Covid can also inflate the active Covid case count. Who knows. After the Biden Plan, the Covid cases may decrease enough so that daily reporting to the public is no longer needed. When you own the narrative. when your nefarious network includes the media, scientists, health officials, CDC, WHO, unions, etc., you can make up the rules and we the people will believe you.

I have been thinking a lot about Covid. It is a multiple win strategy for the dark side. You get more people on the welfare rolls and you shift the scales in favor of government owned and controlled health care. The curious part of the strategy is Dr Ezekiel Emmanuel. Is he on the Biden task force because he is part of the leftist A-Team, being Rahm Emmanuel's brother and all, or is this anti-doctor the right fit because he does not believe that there is value in individuals living beyond age of 75?

There is an enormous amount of vaccine money to be made for people with the right stock portfolio. It is not everyday that you get to create a utopia AND fatten your bank account. An added benefit might be saving the planet by decreasing the population. It could be a death by virus or vaccine situation and there are no nasty ethical conflicts if Dr Emmanuel tells you that the only sacrifice are those elderly whose lives are not worth living anyway. I wonder if there will be different vaccines for the different age groups? Too tin-foil hat?

Me, I'll opt for Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, and Vitamin D. My NEW religion mandates free will. It also prohibits vaccines. This will not be the last version of Covid and not the last vaccine. There is a lot more money to make and it takes time to prod the sheep into their pens. It might take multiple mutations of this manufactured virus to create this brave new world.