Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

The real different between the right and the left is not age, education, race, or gender preference. The real difference between the left and the right are their views regarding the purpose of government. You can see how this is playing out with Covid. While Governors continue to implement harsher Covid restrictions, the left is comforted by these bolder moves. Government control is a warm blanket on a cold night. Government control is about safely. My government is taking care of me.

In Oregon, the restrictions are the most severe to date. "Households that violate the six-person limit will be committing a misdemeanor and could be to subject to citation or arrest."

My left wing friends and relatives don't seem concerned about these restrictions. Their fear has triggered their need for protection, for comfort. The governor is doing what needs to be done. If people would just listen and wear a mask, this would all go away.

We have not been bred to deal with a pandemic. We are soft. Our lives are easy. As long as we have enough toilet paper, we are good to go. Government control? We are 200+ years from our last encounter with government overreach. How many of your inner circle have the right stuff for an American revolution? How many could even say the word "No"?

Covid will not go away. Has the flu gone away? Year after year, one strain is replaced by another. The flu is here to stay and so is Covid. The right knows this. The right knows that the Governors' restrictions have nothing to do with science. It is about control. It is about selling a political narrative. It is about steering the sheeple.

To the right, bigger government control does not feel like a warm blanket. We feel our rights being stripped away. It feels like no one is listening. It is hard to understand that our government, the great American Experiment, could be infected by the virus of the socialism.

Our country is failing us in the worst possible way. If government can arrest us for inviting cousin Ernie over for Thanksgiving dinner, they can do pretty much anything they want.

Our Constitution is being stepped on. We are being stepped on. We are no longer the land of the free.