End Game

Whoever is the Thanos in our universe has almost all of the Infinity Stones for the Great Reset.

The Judges Infinity was formally handed over when the Supreme Court refused to address election fraud. Other courts and judges did their part to betray our constitution, but the Supreme Court showed that Roberts is the never-Trumper that we thought he was. The Supremes were supposedly more worried about riots than tyranny, or at least that is the story we have heard in the news, but Roberts has been leaning left for some time and when you lean left, the Constitution is no longer in focus. A fair election process is the secret sauce in the U.S. Constitution. We are terrifyingly close to the U.S. Constitution becoming just another piece of 2020 toilet paper. The Judges Infinity stone will change the shape of our country. When the Constitution is no longer the foundation of the country, the Constitution piece of the Jenga game will topple our country and the great American experiment will end.

Big Tech is the Mind Stone and the Media is the Reality and Time Stones in this universe. Big Tech altered and suppressed the truth on Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Then, the Media twisted time and reality, creating disinformation big enough to effect and election and invasive enough to divide family and friends. Our country and our own homes have been pulled apart. The Orange Man is Bad. Tear down our statues. Rename our streets and schools.

CNN and their cronies will likely do eternal laps in purgatory for their evil doings.

The Power Stone is held by the richest and most powerful players in business, government, and philanthropy and their minions. Big Pharma, Bill Gates, George Soros, the CDC, the WHO, Dr Fauci, etc. are the keepers of the Power Stone. Whether it is the want of a Marxist utopia, power for the sake of power, or money the root of most evil that motivates them, the result is the same. We are being controls more than we normally are by the people in power. There are a few winter soldiers standing guard, but their numbers are small, and they are not as organized as their opponents. We shall see what happens when they count electors on January 6th. Will good people be willing and able to stand against tyranny?

The Soul Infinity Stone belongs to the people. The majority of Americans want to stand against Thanos, but many of our brothers and sisters are under the spell of the Reality Stone. Will people turn off their electronics and stop medicating long enough to draw a line in the sand? Will enough people become un-Woke in time to stop Thanos?

If Thanos gets the rest of the stones, it will be simple for him to snap his fingers and obliterate 50% or more of our universe under the guise of Climate Control and Social Justice. Obliteration can take many forms. Our voices and freedom can be silenced by government overreach. Our lives can be shorted by Universal Health care, a virus, or even a vaccine. Our futures are on hold and may no longer be ours to define. Thanos’ power is growing while our power shrinks. However, there are many more of us and our money and elections created Thanos and allowed him to expand his influence. Even if we win this battle, we can only keep our country and freedom if are willing to make some sacrifices. There are no superheroes to save us.